Loudest Laugh Productions

Loudest Laugh Productions (LLP) LTD is a Manchester & London based theatre, comedy & cabaret production company working across the subsidised and commercial sectors. We specialise in creative producing & research and development of new work. We are also able to provide services in and support with tour booking/programming, show reel consultancy, tour pack design and consultancy, and a range of other administrative assistance.

Award-winning producer and theatre-maker Jess Donn is at the forefront of Loudest Laugh Productions. Jess is especially excited by experimentation and hopeful storytelling. When founding LLP, they said: “I am bored of seeing sad stories. I am tired of seeing trauma and grief on stage. I am not saying that art doesn’t have to be challenging or stay away from difficult themes, but I am over the negatives. It’s time we focussed on something else.”

Since 2022, Loudest Laugh Productions are proud to be supporting producers to The Enby Show hosted by Carrot - a monthly drag night showcasing the ‘The creme-de-la-thems’ of the UK cabaret scene. Together, LLP and the Enby Show have created spaces for new non-binary talent and fundraised for key Queer charitable efforts such as Mermaids & Not A Phase. Loudest Laugh Productions have also supported The Enby Show in receiving their first successful core subsidy application, allowing us to expand our accessibility options for our audience, including captioning and social stories to be provided for each act.

In 2023, Loudest Laugh Productions are excited to be taking two shows to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, both in association with artists from the Ars Nova CAMP Residency (NYC):

  • Welcome To The Big Show by Gara, Summerhall
  • Saturn Return by Natalya Samee, Pleasance Courtyard

[Company Branding Credit: Sam Morris]

[In Association with Jess Donn is a recognised billing for Loudest Laugh Productions LTD contractual agreements]