Current Projects

These are the things that I’m currently up to. Please feel free to get in touch if you want to know more or to chat further about any of these projects!


Touring opportunities postponed due to COVID-19.

Please email if you are interested in discussing virtual/online versions of this piece.

“So we’re both in our twenties now and it’s important to look back at our teenage years and try to work out where we went wrong. And oh boy, did we go wrong.”

The show is an exploration of romance, youth and embarrassment performed by two young adults who are just trying to forget about the whole thing. Each performance sees us attempt to undergo catharsis and celebrate the past at the same time.

We combine story-telling, projection, and verbatim readings of texts that we sent people between the ages of 13 and 18, with all of the nasty bits left in. This comedic remembering of teenage years gone by gives the audience the opportunity to laugh at us so that hopefully one day they can laugh at themselves.

RISKY TEXTS WE SENT AS TEENS is the debut full-length work by Two For Joy. Please note that this show contains strong language and content of a sexual nature, recommended for audiences of 15+.

Two For Joy

Two For Joy is committed to exploring uncomfortable situations in a light-hearted manner, making comedy out of tragedy. We make work drawing on our own personal experiences and aim to present even the darkest moments in a positive light, giving us the opportunity to invite the audience to know us in a shared space.

Put simply, we want to make people laugh.

Established in 2019, Two For Joy is an emerging company based in the East Midlands (when we can get us all in one room).

Artistic Directors: Callum Walker and Sophie Curtis
Producer: Jess Donn

Associate Artists: Jack Ellis (sound and video design); Sam Morris (publicity)

The Vulnerability Project (WIP Title)

R&D is currently postponed due to COVID-19

We interviewed dozens of people, asking them what vulnerability meant to them and about times that they had felt vulnerable; what it felt like when they were vulnerable and why they thought it was difficult. The answers they gave were staggering – honest, warm, joyful and heart-breaking.

The Vulnerability Project (working title) is a new piece of verbatim theatre which investigates how different people, including ourselves, explore and experience vulnerability.

Combining physical theatre, projection mapping, and letter writing, we are opening ourselves up and letting you in and trying to make it through. And although vulnerability is often difficult, painful and excruciatingly embarrassing, we’re letting you know that we’re all (in the words of one of our participants) shuffling along together.


The Vulnerabiliteam is made up of co-creators and performers Boo Jackson and Jess Donn, director Amy Crighton and technical manager Sam Osborne.

Boo Jackson is an accomplished freelance actor experienced in both theatre and film, currently based in London. She is interested in making honest and thought-provoking work.

Amy Crighton is a Midlands based director particularly interested in interpersonal relationships as well as transgression/transgressive acts. She is also interested in working with movement in her direction. Recent projects include assisting on DNA at Lakeside Arts and directing A GIRL IS A HALF FORMED THING at The Nottingham New Theatre, which was selected for The National Student Drama Festival 2019.

Sam Osborne is a Nottingham based technician who has previously worked at Lakeside Arts and Paradise Green UK Venues for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He is primarily a lighting designer but is taking on a broad technical designer role for this project and currently working with interviews to create the audio for the show. He enjoys innovative and non-linear story telling.